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  • Free-standing brochure holder
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  • Brochure Holder Torre

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Very stable high-quality free-standing print holder with 6 + 6 upright drawers for A4 sizes.

Black two-sided print holder with high-quality finish. The drawers are made of transparent, injection-molded polystyrene and can be installed either on one side (6 pcs.) or on both sides (12 pcs.). The print holder and base plate are made of powder-coated steel. Thanks to the heavy base plate with rubber feet, the stand is very sturdy.

Construction material: steel, plastic

Measurements: 350 x 1760 x 350 mm

Weight: 22,75 kg

Shelves: 12

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

SizePrice Availability
12 x A4
350x1760x350 mm
415 €In stock

Shelves Brochure holder
w x h x d (mm)
Brochure holder
weight (kg)
Package dimensions
12 x A4 350 x 1760 x 350 22,75 387 x 1777 x 222 25,97

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