Large format printing

Wide format printing - banners, flags, advertising posters, light box film, textile backdrop, photo backgrounds and consumer textiles. Printer widths range from 1.6 to 5 m. We print on the fabric with safe OEKO-Tex standard colors.

Printing on the flag fabric 11 €/m2
material: 115g/m2 regular flag fabric (Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH)
size: printing width 3 m. Larger fabrics are sewn.
usage: national flags, company flags, banners
additional information: flags are printed on one side. The other side remains visible in the mirror image with an intensity of up to 90%. The flags are sewn with a 2-needle machine, it is possible to use reinforcement ribbons, cords, loops.

Print on long-lasting Airmesh flag fabric 13 €/m2
material: 115g/m2 Airmesh flag fabric (Georg+Otto Friedrich GmbH)
size: printing width 3 m. Larger fabrics are sewn.
usage: company flags, banners
additional information: the surface of the polyester fabric is perforated similarly to sports shirts. In addition to perforation, it is distinguished from regular flag fabric by a whiter and less dirty surface and up to 2 times more durable.

See also standard-sized flags and easy-to-carry mobile beach flags, digitally printed large format banners and backdrop canvas.

Printing on DecoTex polyester fabric 18 €/m2
material: 220g/m2 polyester fabric (Georg+Otto Friedrich GmbH)
size: printing width 3 m. Larger fabrics are sewn.
usage: indoor advertising banners, pop-up stands, advertising ropes and trade fair walls, textile frames, textile-covered partitions, tablecloths, interior fabrics.
additional information: DecoTex is a durable polyester fabric with an excellent print. The material is machine washable and has a B1 fire resistance certificate. In post-processing, we offer reinforcement straps, cords, loops, velcro fastening, tunnels, silicone tape, etc.

Printing on DecoTex blockout fabric 23 €/m2
material: 260g/m2 polyester fabric with special coating (Georg+Otto Friedrich GmbH)
size: printing width 2.5 m. Larger fabrics are sewn
usage: screens, backdrop logo walls, advertising trusses, textile partitions, curtains.
additional information: blackout opaque fabric.

For print on Microlux lightbox fabric with silicone edge, 23 €/m2 + silicon edge 1,5 €/rm (perimeter)
material: 260g/m2 light-scattering polyester fabric (Georg+Otto Friedrich GmbH)
size: print width with finishing 2.5 m.
usage: SEG light boxes, exhibition walls, tablecloths, backdrops.
additional information: special fabric with silicone edge for lightboxes. Thanks to the embossed pattern on the inside and the special surface treatment, it scatters light very well.

Printing on velour 23,5 €/m2
material: 170g/m2 polyester fabric
size: printing width 1.4 m. Larger fabrics are sewn.
usage: pillowcases, upholstery.
additional information: hairy, velvet-like, soft-surfaced fabric.

Printing on satin 20 €/m2
material: 120g/m2 polyester fabric
size: printing width 1.8 m. Larger fabrics are sewn.
usage: flags, pennants, pillowcases, interior textiles.
additional information: smooth, silk-like, shiny and densely woven textile

Print on Non Woven recycled fabric 11€/m2
material: 130 g/m2 recycled polyester fabric (Texo Trade Services BV)
size: print width 2.5m
use: eco-friendly banners for indoor and short-term outdoor use
additional information:Manufactured from GRS-certified PET yarn, made from recycled bottles. Material with a felt-like surface. The fabric is strong, does not fray, is opaque, light and PVC-free.
recycling: GRS Global Recycled Standard
printng colors: environmentally friendly OEKO-Tex standard

See also illuminated advertisement with textile graphics, room dividers and SEG frames.
Truss is an ideal choice for exhibitions and businesses. For example a mobile background wall or easily expandable exhibition wall.

Eco Solvent printing on paper 9,5 €/m2
material: Sihl Satin 200g/m2
size: printing width 1.6m.
usage: posters
additional information: high-quality semi-matt poster paper. We offer cold and hot laminate for post-processing. Ask for the price of lamination.

Eco Solvent printing on paper 8,5 €/m2
material: Sihl Satin 135g/m2
size: printing width 1.6m.
usage: posters
additional information: high-quality semi-matt poster paper.

See also snapframes / poster frames, lockable bulletin boards, and portable poster stands suitable for commercial premises.

Eco Solvent printing on waterproof paper 12 €/m2
material: Coala PP 160g/m2, thickness 195 mikrons
size: printing width 1.2m.
usage: posters, rollups
additional information: High quality opaque waterproof synthetic material. The back side is gray. PVC free.

See also street talkers for indoor and outdoor use, a-stands suitable for retail and business premises.

Eco Solvent print backlit film 14,75 €/m2
material: matt or glossy backlit film for light boxes
size: printing width 1.6m.
usage: lightboxes with interchangeable graphics
additional information: milky light scattering film for lightboxes.

See also lightbox with an interchangeable textile fabric and illuminated advertisement for commercial premises.

Solvent print on Frontlit banner 10 €/m2
material: soft PVC banner
size: printing width 3.2m.
usage: large wall-mounted outdoor banners attached to the walls
additional information: Lower print resolution - suitable for viewing from a greater distance. Affordable weatherproof material with a simple appearance.

Solvent printing for PVC network13 €/m2
material: PVC mesh fabric
size: printing width 3.2m.
usage: outdoor banners open on both sides
additional information: Low wind resistance, affordable and weatherproof material. Thanks to the low wind resistance, it is possible to place in places where the wall behind the banner does not protect the banner from the wind.

See also airtight inflatable advertisement that does not require a compressor (pylons, gates, tents, skydancers etc) and mesh banners for outdoor advertising.

Sublimation printing for PTX-MESH / 100% PVC free banner 16 €/m2
material: 100% polyester mesh
size: printing width 3m.
usage: strong net, banners, fences
additional information: Environmentally friendly large banner material. Suitable for viewing from a greater distance. The ink is odorless and safe.

See also mobile, portable, easy to set-up outdoor advertising.

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Digital printing - manual

Large-format digital printing on rolls in which water-based inks are printed directly on the fabric or on sublimation paper and embedded in the fabric fibers at high temperature in a calender. It is not possible to print on clothes or other finished sewn products.

EcoSolvent - wide format printing where paper and various synthetic materials are printed with odorless colours.

Solvent - wide format printing with good weatherproof colours.