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Deck Chair Havana

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  • Deck Chair Havana


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    A prepress fee of €30 is added for each new design
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Deck chair with wooden frame and fabric seat. Customer's design or branding is printed on the fabric. Adjustable height.

The fabric of the deck chair can be easily removed for washing or changing. If you wish, you can buy several fabrics and rotate their use. The chair can be adjusted to 3 different heights. The deck chairs can be easily folded up for storage and transport.

The deck chair can withstand a person up to 110 kga and it meets TUV and FSC requirements.

Deck chairs are made with your own custom design printed on seating fabric. A printing preparation fee (prepress fee) of €30 for each new design is added to the order price.

Banner material:

Construction material: wood

Weight: 3 kg

Wooden deckchairs

Quantity Deck Chair Price
1 45 €
5 45 €
10 43,2 €
15 41,85 €
25 40,5 €
50 39,15 €
100 38,25 €
250 37,35 €
500 36 €
1000 34,65 €

Price of deckchairs depending on quantity.
Custom design is printed on the seat fabric of the chair. A print preparation fee (prepress fee) of 30€ per new design is added to the order price.

Load capacity 110 kg
Dimensions unfolded (width x height x length)
position 1 - 34 cm
position 2 - 30 cm
position 3 - 26 cm
Backrest dimensions (width x length) 45 x 115 cm
Folded up (width x length) 56 x 124 cm
Frame cross section 30x20 mm
Weight 3 kg

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